Modern, Innovative, Research Based Techniques that Break the Pain Cycle

For the last 25 years, neck pain and lower back pain have been one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Prescription opioid deaths and mortality from other commonly used drugs continue to rise.

We know that drugs don’t work. You and most people in our surrounding Fairfax, Vienna and Falls Church Virginia communities have also figured out that drugs DO NOT WORK.

We know that what’s been the standard medical model is no longer the gold standard.

A lot of people in the Merrifield Va. and Mosaic District have become accustomed to their Knee pain or Sciatica and have avoided certain activities because of their discomfort or in some cases, disability. Many have unfortunately accepted this as their new normal and just settle for an inferior quality of life.

There’s DEFINITELY a better way and we’re here to help you get your life back once and for all.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is there a Chiropractor near me?” The answer is YES and we’re in Merrifield Va., a few blocks down from the Mosaic District in the Merrifield Medical Center off of Lee Highway and Old Lee Highway.

We have a simple practice philosophy of integrating evidence-based treatment plans with compassionate care. We utilize various modalities of chiropractic medicine and regenerative medicine to restore function and eliminate symptoms.

As a Chiropractic Physician in Fairfax Va, Dr. Shirine Hegazi uses non-invasive treatment modalities to help heal migraine headaches, shoulder pain, tension headaches, herniated discs, sciatica pain (and much more) and restore full body function and health.

Our results have consistently been demonstrated by focusing on treating and eliminating the root cause of a painful or debilitating condition, not just the associated symptoms.


Chiropractic Care Provides Powerful Pain Relief and is Low Risk

Some studies have found that chiropractic care can reduce pain even more effectively than medications. A study in 2020 found that a chiropractic adjustment was more effective than medication for acute neck pain. An earlier study in 2018 found that not only did patients with neck pain show faster improvement with chiropractic treatments but also that they paid less for their treatment overall.


Chiropractic Saves You Money

Health care is an expensive ordeal on your time and your pocket these days. By the time you visit your doctor, then a specialist, then a physical therapist, then fill a prescription and find a counselor, the bill can be in the thousands with no end in sight.

However, chiropractic care has been shown to save people more than 50% by eliminating unnecessary drug costs and advocating natural treatments and back pain remedies vs. drugs. The relief in your wallet may just be one of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care for you.


Chiropractors can help you with Chronic Conditions and Provide Fibromyalgia Treatment

Many pain patients struggle with hard-to-treat and invisible chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Chiropractic adjustments can help ease the symptoms that are associated with these conditions. 


Fairfax Chiropractors can help you with Auto Accident Injuries by Providing Lower Back Pain Treatment and Relief for Whiplash

Dr. Hegazi of Concept Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine is a graduate from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, which is considered the leading authority in the world in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology.

Are you aware that various auto accident injuries are hidden and often do not manifest themselves for months or even years? As a result, many auto accident injuries are not handled properly and accident victims frequently settle their case with the insurance companies without getting evaluated from a physician trained in soft tissue and auto accident injuries to get treated properly for a fair settlement.


Seek Care First

Your health is your ultimate priority after an accident. Seek a chiropractor to care for your pain immediately! Within the first 24-48 hours after an accident, soft tissue inflammation, swelling, adhesions and possible scar tissue will develop and affect your recovery. The longer you wait, the higher the risk of your injuries not healing properly and becoming chronic.


Lower Back Pain

Eighty percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point throughout their lives, whether it is once or multiple episodes. Often times those with multiple episodes will describe the feeling as a “pinched nerve in the back”. If your back pain isn’t healing quickly, a comprehensive evaluation at Concept Chiropractic will help in identifying the source of your pain and give you the necessary information to make an informed decision about the course of your lower back pain treatment.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain is often joined by headache or by weakness and pain in the shoulders and arms. This feeling is what people often refer to as a “pinched nerve in the neck”. Poor posture, obesity and abdominal weakness may often affect the balance of your spine, causing your neck to flex forward to compensate. Neck Pain Relief is attainable and can effectively help you get back to your normal Activities of Daily Living.


Sciatica is the term/symptom of low back pain that radiates from the low back out to the buttocks and down the leg. It is named for the rather large sciatic nerve that branches off from the spinal cord in your lower back and runs down both legs to your feet. Sciatica pain relief and Sciatica treatment often centers around treating a herniated disc or bulging disc as they are the most common causes.

Knee Pain

Because of the Knee’s intricacy and the amount of usage it gets during a lifetime, it is vulnerable to injury and is very commonly injured in athletes, children and seniors. Depending on the class and severity of joint trauma, knee pain can be slight or can pave the way to severe discomfort and possible disability.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder consists of numerous joints that are stabilized by tendons, muscles, and ligaments to allow extensive range of motion and flexibility to the arm. It is the most active and potentially one of the most vulnerable joints in the body to injury. Every year, over 5 million Americans seek help for shoulder pain or injuries.

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Patient Testimonials.

I used to travel a lot and sit in front of computers for long periods of time. The environment here is very friendly, Dr. Hegazi actually listens to me, and my chronic lower back pain has dramatically improved.


I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and now sit in front of a computer all day and had a lot of neck pain for 2 or 3 years. I decided to come to CCRM for treatment, which has resulted in me being almost completely free of any neck pain.


I’ve had ongoing lower back pain and it has gotten worse over time. Dr. Hegazi and his staff have been amazing. Within 2 visits my pain had significantly reduced. They treated me like family.


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