Experts in Treating Car Accident Injuries

Dr. Hegazi is a graduate from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, which is considered the leading authority in the world in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology. Dr. Hegazi completed this intense comprehensive training program in 2007. This program emphasized the biomechanics of injury mechanisms, occupant kinematics, automobile crash reconstruction methods for low speed impacts, the most current knowledge of soft tissue, endrocrinological, bony, and nervous system disorders, advanced diagnostic methodologies, and the comprehensive case management of whiplash and related disorders.

What You Should Know If You Have Been Involved In An Auto Accident

One of the most stressful situations many people deal with on a daily basis in the Merrifield, Fairfax VA, Vienna VA and Falls Church VA area are handling the problems and tasks that arise after being in an auto accident.

Unfortunately one of the last things we are concerned with after an accident is ourselves and possible injuries. Also, are you aware that various auto accident injuries are hidden and often do not manifest themselves for months or even years?
As a result, many auto accident injuries are not handled properly and accident victims frequently settle their case with the insurance companies without getting evaluated from a physician trained in soft tissue and auto accident injuries.

… This Could Be A Major Mistake.

Why? Once you settle your case, you forfeit the right to have your treatments paid for by your insurance company, should you need any. At Concept Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine, we inform you of your rights concerning an auto accident and educate you properly to take the steps you need to take to make an informed decision about your care.

Our priority is to effectively inform you and educate you, and then comprehensively evaluate you to rule out any injuries due to the auto accident. Once a diagnosis has been made, our goal is to bring you back to full functional status, just as you were before the accident. Auto accidents can be a frustrating and complicated ordeal. The most common complaint of auto accident victims is that they feel very abnormal and do not feel like themselves at all. Unfortunately, many victims are injured but are also asymptomatic, which could delay them from getting properly evaluated and cared for.

Auto Accident Injuries Signs/Symptoms

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Back Pain
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Irritiability
  • Memory Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Dizziness

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Patient Testimonials.

I used to travel a lot and sit in front of computers for long periods of time. The environment here is very friendly, Dr. Hegazi actually listens to me, and my chronic lower back pain has dramatically improved.


I’ve been an athlete for most of my life and now sit in front of a computer all day and had a lot of neck pain for 2 or 3 years. I decided to come to CCRM for treatment, which has resulted in me being almost completely free of any neck pain.


I’ve had ongoing lower back pain and it has gotten worse over time. Dr. Hegazi and his staff have been amazing. Within 2 visits my pain had significantly reduced. They treated me like family.


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