Feet and Ankles: Stability and Support for your body

At some point during our lives, research shows that we all will suffer from various foot and leg pain that will affect us in some way.

From the time we start standing on our feet and learn to walk, our feet endure three imperative tasks: they stabilize your body while weight bearing, walk, or run; they support you in moving from point A to point B; and they help guard your bones and connective tissues from harmful shock stress as you move. Being overweight, having anatomical defects in the foot or leg which are minor, or suffering injuries will all contribute to added stress to the foot and body. So even though twenty five percent of all bones in your body are in your feet, having to achieve these demanding tasks on a daily basis may (and usually does) lead to various foot, leg or ankle pain and dysfunction or other musculoskeletal condition.


At Concept Chiropractic + Regenerative Medicine, we offer a diagnostic ultrasound with every consultation. By using ultrasound, we effectively reduce the “guesswork” that other doctors struggle with without the modern technology we offer.

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Degeneration or pain in your ankle or foot can be quite dangerous. That is because we use our ankles and feet all day every day. When an individual puts weight on an ankle or foot that is injured, it can not only cause pain but they’re gait could be thrown off. Furthermore, a changed gate can stimulate more problems with posture or the joint surrounding it. The regenerative medicine programs we offer can help you with:

  • Ankle and Foot Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis and stiffness
  • Swelling and Inflammation

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The regenerative cell treatment we perform is a natural alternative to surgery, pain medications and cortisone/steroid injections. Regenerative cell treatments help reduce inflammation while removing or decreasing stiffness and pain. Cells that we inject have high growth factors which helps to minimize inflammation while healing the joint. The treatment is non-invasive and can be performed in our clinic. It doesn’t take very long to act so it won’t be long before you start living your life free from any foot and ankle pain again. It is a drugless treatment that actually heals the body instead of just masking the symptoms.

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As a proud member of the Fairfax and surrounding NOVA community, we want to be there to help those that don’t know where to turn for medical help. Our team of musculoskeletal practitioners are ready to work with you to figure out what kind of treatments you really need once and for all. That’s why we offer a diagnostic ultrasound with our in person consultations. The first crucial step to helping you means learning what the exact source and cause of your chronic pain is.

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At Concept Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine, we take the time to really listen to all our patients to ensure we understand their problem(s) and proceed more effectively with their care. Then, we can accurately diagnosis your problem which helps us devise a customized treatment plan for you. You will receive healthcare that is customized to help you meet your specific needs, overall lifestyle, and personal goals. Are you ready to take control of your life? Reach out today!


All our staff are trained medical professionals who care about all our patients.


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