Neuropathy Pain:
Like static on a phone line

When someone has neuropathy, the message between the brain and the rest of the body becomes distorted or interrupted.

Neuropathy describes damage to the nervous system outside the spine and brain. These peripheral nerves make up an intricate network that connects the brain and the spinal cord to the muscles, skin, and internal organs.

Because every peripheral nerve has a highly specialized function in a specific part of the body, a wide array of symptoms can occur when nerves are damaged. Some people may experience temporary numbness, tingling, and prickling sensations, paresthesia, sensitivity to touch or muscle weakness. Others may suffer from extreme symptoms including burning pain (especially at night) muscle wasting, paralysis or organ or gland dysfunction.


At Concept Chiropractic + Regenerative Medicine, we offer a diagnostic ultrasound with every consultation. By using ultrasound, we effectively reduce the “guesswork” that other doctors struggle with without the modern technology we offer.

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Neuropathy generally starts with one symptom, such as numbness or balance problems. Because it is a progressive and degenerative condition, eventually the neuropathy patient suffers from most or all of the below symptoms, significantly reducing their quality of life.

  • Burning pain

  • Numbness

  • Loss of sensation

  • Tingling

  • Cramping

  • Sharp shooting pain

  • Skin sensitive to touch

  • Instability and unsteadiness (balance issues)

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Getting The Proper Treatment

We treat the cause, not the symptoms. Neuropathy occurs because the blood vessels that supply the nerves in the legs, feet, and hands become damaged. Our gold standard of care treats all of the causes of neuropathy to reduce symptoms and reverse damage naturally, without drugs or surgery.

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As a proud member of the Fairfax and surrounding NOVA community, we want to be there to help those that don’t know where to turn for medical help. Our team of musculoskeletal practitioners are ready to work with you to figure out what kind of treatments you really need once and for all. That’s why we offer a diagnostic ultrasound with our in person consultations. The first crucial step to helping you means learning what the exact source and cause of your chronic pain is. Sign up for our educational webinar today or chat with our team by scheduling an appointment!

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